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Virtual Online Performances!

Mesmerizing soul straight from the heart! Saxophonist/Multi Instrumentalist Danny Welsh performs regionally and nationally for Corporate Events, Festivals, Parties, Weddiings, and Night Clubs. Past performances include: Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Sonics, Costco, Nordstrom, NAACP, NBC TV, ESPN, and many many more. Danny performs (with tracks) as a single, duo, or trio (add guitar and/or percussion), or FULL LIVE BAND, depending upon your budget and available space. Professional, dependable, and unique, Danny's stunning soulfully captivating performances on Tenor, Alto, Soprano Saxophones & Flute are something to behold! Both as the focal point of any gathering, or as easy listening background music. Very comfortable on stage and Emcee friendly, Danny uses a Bose Tower L1 Model II state of the art sound system that offers incredible sound at any volume. His Sax adds just the right touch of warmth and class to any event! Fully optimized from his home studio to provide Virtual Online performances using Zoom and other platforms also! Specialized in (Christmas) holiday, birthday celebrations as well! Danny offers a wide selection of Soul, R&B, and Jazz hits that can be easily tailored towards your needs. This is Soul and R&B infused Jazz at it's finest!!

A Seattle Washington native, Tenor, Alto, Soprano Saxophonist, Flute, Clarinet, and Oboe player Danny Welsh has long been a fixture on the Seattle and Northwest live music and recording scene. Born in South Seattle's culturally diverse Rainier Valley, Danny grew up listening to his mother's record collection, which included Miles Davis, Stanley Turrentine, Sam Cooke, and many other Soul and Jazz artists of the 60's and 70's. Starting on Alto sax in the 4th grade, and with the help of teaching great Johnnie Jessen, he progressed quickly, and by the time High School began, was well on his way to becoming a musician worth reckoning. After recieving numerous local and two national awards for his solo prowess, Danny recieved a full scholarship to Seattle's Cornish Institute. With school under his belt, and after touring for three years with Seattle based funk band "Contents Under Pressure", Danny returned to Seattle to raise kids, and begin many years of recording (local radio, TV spots, many Northwest and West Coast produced records and CD's), playing clubs, and a myriad of musical venues and events region wide.  Danny has taught privately for many years! (please see the lessons tab on the Home Page!). He has shared the stage with and opened for Branford Marsalis, Kenny G, and many others.

Equipment: Danny plays Selmer Mark VI Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, serial numbers (Tenor 98446) (Soprano 199742). His Flute is a 1959 Haynes (handmade, all silver) serial number 28986. He uses a custom handmade Powell headjoint. He plays a Yamaha Custom Alto Sax. His Clarinet is a late 1960's model Vito, and his Oboe is a late model Yamaha. Danny's Tenor mouthpiece is a SYOS Chad LB model 8*, and D'Addario Select Jazz Unfiled 3H reeds. Danny's Soprano mouthpiece is a hard rubber Selmer "Super Session"  J tip opening/facing, a Rovner Versa X Ligature, and D'Adarrio Select Jazz Unfiled 3H reeds. Danny's Alto mouthpiece is a hard rubber Eugene Rouseau opened by Bob Carpenter to .085 thousandths of an inch tip opening, an original Harrison Ligature, and D'Addario Select Jazz Unfiled 3M reeds. Clarinet mouthpiece is a Van Doren 5 JB with Legere 2.25 reeds. Live sound gear consists of a Bose Tower L1 Model II with Tone Match Software, and an Audio-Technica Pro 35 clip on mic.

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